About City Cafe

Our goal as an allergy friendly restaurant is to produce products that are so good, you would never know they were allergen free!  Although we are primarily Gluten & Dairy Free, the concern for all food allergies & dietary restrictions are at the forefront of our minds. We place a great deal of importance on creating a menu that is suitable for a wide variety of food allergies & restrictions.  Offering options for products that are free from eggs, nuts & more.  Although our facility does process eggs & tree nuts, (our kitchen is peanut free) we have extensive knowledge of food allergies & cross contamination from many years of personal experience. 


This business comes from a very personal place for me.  Eight years ago my son was diagnosed with over 10 severe food allergies.  Allergies including gluten, dairy, nuts, fish, eggs, soy and more.  Our life was turned upside down as we frantically had to learn how to manage life with this new list of food avoidance.  Not only did I need to re-learn how to cook (for toddlers with food allergies) so that they still enjoyed what they were eating... but also had to worry about every party & gathering we went to, and how isolating it felt to not be able to eat any of the goodies that all of the other kids ate.  As the food allergies worsened & the number of allergens increased, our nights at restaurants became a thing of the past. Each year following, it seemed as if more & more people in my family learned of new food allergies, Celiac disease & more. I was determined to learn to cook in a way that accommodated the people that had food restrictions, but also the people who did not, so that they would enjoy these foods equally as much.  I did not want my kids especially to miss out on nostalgic treats that every child gets to enjoy at parties & in school.  

We pride ourselves on baking delicious treats and cooking food that even the family members without food restrictions will try to sneak out of your fridge!  

We are so excited as we expand our business into a restaurant/cafe serving a full Gluten Free & Dairy Free menu for both Lunch & Dinner, in addition to all of our pastries and baked goods! 


"City Sweets is a life changer for people with food allergies in our community. Our kids are so used to being pushed to the sidelines during parties & events, but Alyssa gives them a

chance to have what everyone else has"


From the Customers


"Some of the most decadent cake I have ever had in my entire life"     


"Your shop is the very best! To walk into a bakery and know every single item is safe without cross contamination is truly a blessing"  


"It was easily the best tasting cake I’ve ever had, and that is including my memories of gluten and dairy-full cakes!"

"Even my family members without dietary restrictions were fighting over the cupcakes!"