Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic and NYS regulations, we have switched over to an online ordering system until further notice.  In Lieu of our Saturday shop, we are now offering a "Weekly Menu" with options for an outdoor doorstep pickup at our office.  We will also be offering the option for delivery.  For right now, all deliveries will be made by us on Saturday's only between the times of 9am and 12pm. (orders will be delivered in the most streamlined route for us to deliver to everyone efficiently.  Thanks to the cold temps we are still experiencing, all of our goods can stay on a porch if you are not home to receive them at that time.  All weekly orders must be placed by Thursday nights at 10pm.

We ask this so that it gives us at least 48 hours to receive and produce your orders.  We WILL STILL be taking custom orders for parties/events, or for your favorite flavor that may not be on this weeks menu.  These orders can still be picked up at your convenience any day between Monday - Saturday, in your checkout email, please specify a date and time that works for you.  We feel that for the time being this system is the best approach to allow us to still provide you with weekly goods like breads & treats during this difficult time, while still reducing the public exposure that NYS is asking.  If you have any questions at all regarding an order, or the way they are placed, please do not hesitate to call us- 315-404-4319. 

If City Sweets can help you or your family in any way during this unnerving time in our lives, please reach out.  ~Alyssa 



"Worry free food that is

so delicious!"


Finally here; Gluten Free Bread that tastes authentic!

We have spent countless hours creating bread recipes that taste just as authentic as the "real thing".  Featuring Artisan Breads, French Baguettes, Rolls, Sandwich Loaves & much more!

100% Gluten & Dairy Free

without compromising flavor or quality!

Our top priority is to provide the highest quality Gluten Free/Dairy Free baked goods without the risk of cross contamination. It is our passion to create food that is safe to eat, without compromising the flavor, even when you have food allergies or restrictions.  All of our products are made in a kitchen that is 100% Gluten & Dairy Free.     



"Hands down

the best Gluten Free Bread

I have ever had!"

"Your hospitality is so gracious, you treat every

single one of your customers as if they are family.

You put so much time, care & effort into your product

because you know first hand the struggle we all face."

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